Work Wear & Safety Clothing Manufacturing

In end 2019 and 2020, Due to Covid 19, With increase in need of work wear and Safety Clothing, such as Face masks, Personal Protective Equipment and Garments. There was shortage of these. We thought of entering into this industry with initial no knowledge.

In India, We were getting Personal Protective Clothing from China Based Manufacturer but they were not upto quality standards, either they failed the quality tests or were of inferior quality. So, We took plunge in manufacturing PPE Clothing for Medical Workers, Hospitals who were in forefront of battle against Corona Virus. We were also part of Government Tenders.

We were also supplying to government agencies and local hospitals. Now we have started manufacturing Personal Protective Wear for other industries too.

How we work?

We may not be having lot of experience in manufacturing PP Garments. But since we have been already manufacturing Evening and Casual Wear. We understand the quality of work that we need to give.

We first try to understand our client requirement such as fabric needed, industry, color, etc and produce precisely the textiles that our customers need. There are no catalogues or pre-produced goods with us! We exclusively design and produce individual protective wear, workwear and corporate fashion. We will be pleased to share our expert knowledge face to face. We assure you of utmost quality, reliability and highest customer satisfaction. Being Manufacturer our self we are sure to cover all your expectations and requirements.

Some Items we manufacturing included were :

  • Cotton Re-Washable Clothing Masks
  • Personal Protective Garments for Medical Staff, Frontline Workers dealing with Covid Patients
  • PP Suits with Tape on Seams, Laminated SMS Suits with front Zip, Unlaminated Suits with Front Zips.

For Producing Protective Clothing we have tied up with vendors who are producing Textiles certified either by SITARA or as per the International Standardising Agencies.

Other Items we Have Started Producing Includes :-

  • Safety garments with your required protection level
  • Corporate Uniforms or Work Dresses for Employees which are custom made according to you corporate identity.

If you have any requirement of PP Clothing or Corporate Work Wear, You can get in touch with us.

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