Sample Makers for Clothing and Apparel

We have inhouse team of fashion designer, Pattern Cutter, Sampling Tailors, Embroidery designers who gets your clothing samples made the right way. New designers quickly learn that sample making for a fashion garment requires technical packages and a pattern in order for the sample to be made to precise specifications.

Many designers wonder,  “how do I make clothing samples?”

Challenge : Clothing sample manufacturers are busy.
One challenge that startup fashion designers face when they want limited amount of samples made is getting time and attention of sample manufacturers. Some apparel manufacturers may be willing to make your sample, but your revenue is so small that they may be least concerned about your timeline.
    Being a Private Label Fashion designer you always need a expert sample making department that can help you design, teck pack, pattern, and sample. Then you are ready to work with a clothing manufacturer.
                                   Getting New Samples made is always a difficult job for new designers  as garment manufacturing factories do not want to waste their time dealing with start up fashion designers that lack patterns and technical skills.  Our designer is an expert that can help startup designers navigate the sample making process in preparation for factory orders.
We specialise in New Sample Development, Production, wide range of hand, machine and computer embroideries, Printing of Fabrics for Sampling & Production.
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