Purnima Exports is a family owned business manufacturing Women Garments & Made-ups. We are continuously sourcing suppliers, vendors to fulfil our needs. We have experience of more than 10 years in Apparel and Women Accessories.

Due to our vast knowledge in this field we have started procuring eco friendly fabrics from all over India.  In order to help designer, startups who like to use Sustainable & Eco friendly means of producing there collection. We have wide collection of both hand-loom fabrics, Eco Fabrics.

What we can help you with ?

  • We source Eco Fabric like peace Silk, Organic Cotton, Linen, Wool, bamboo fabrics from vendors who are GOTS Certified or producing organic products.
  • If you have Yarn we help you convert into a beautiful scarves, Stoles. We have tied up with hand-loom weavers, artisans who have small units. Thus supporting them in earning lively hood and supporting there community. We recently did production Job Work of 400 Woollen Scarves for a German company. The Yarn was supplied by them and we provided them with finished hand-loom scarves.
  • Many people don’t know and you will be surprised to know. India is one of largest producer of Handloom Silk and Handloom item made in small villages.
  • If you are growing company, Startup, Designer or National Brand we can help you establish your brand. By offering our manufacturing, Private Branding services.
  • We undertake contract manufacturing for Eco Apparel and Home Textiles In-House for clients in different countries.
  • Sampling and Production – As an emerging Designer we understand your issues with manufacturing. Thus we provide sampling services and Minimum order Quantity of 50 pieces with in-house fabrics helping new designers to focus on marketing instead of worrying about productions.
  • We can undertake Contract Manufacturing for Hand Embroidery, Machine Embroidery and Computer Embroidery on Fabrics. As well as provide you with Finished Garment.
  • Purnima Exports is working in collaboration with various NGOs that promote women Welfare and support child education.
  • Many companies which partnered with us are national brands and still our existing clients. We always like to work with Private Label brands as they are more innovative with designs and we further plan to develop this line.
  • We are regularly updating us with new fabrics such as Eco Soya Fabrics, Milk Fibre Fabric and Corn Fabric.

What Else we can do?

  1. Private Label Organic Clothing
  2. Women Apparel Manufacturing for Private Labels