We at Purnima Exports have been following ethical Standards and Fair trade Practices in Garment production.

To us, ethical production means:

  • Safe manufacturing environments
  • No child labor
  • Following Fair trade standards
  • Low environmental impact
  • Compliance with all relevant regulatory ordinances.

Sourcing Direct

  • These days most of the clothing production is made in Asia. We have been working with designers, Retailers and wholesalers for producing there collection in India. This helps us to give them competitive pricing, high quality products without compromising on low wages to workers. Our workers get paid well above industry rates and are highly motivated to work in good environment.

Fair Trade


  • Pattern Makking
  • Grading
  • Designer Support
  • Fabric Sourcing From GOTS Certified Vendors
  • Sampling
  • Small/Medium Batch Production or CMT
  • Export for Private Label

We are recognised by Apparel Export Council of India, Silk Export council and have a valid import export licence. Most of the fabric is sourced from vendors who are certified by various agencies like GOTS, ECO Mark, etc.

We work with both independent designers and brands on small to medium batch production: email Purnima Bansal at info@purnimaexports.com to learn more about working with us. We will send you our Designer Guidelines file which includes information on manufacturing and CMT, MOQ, pattern making/grading, sampling, fabric sourcing, dyeing/printing, payment and shipping. Please include business contact information and details.