We are into manufacturing of Women Apparel. We are also manufacturing and supplying apparel accessories such as Tassels, Fringes and trims. It can be added to garment, scarf as an additional decorative feature into a garment.

Our craftsmen manufacture as well as perform high quality professional work of tassels in house to develop excellent products for upright attraction to home and other decoration places in lowest price, so we are creating different designs of tassels, tiebacks items to make home looks incomparable for on looker in now modern world.

Some Products we are doing includes :-

  • Art Silk Small Tassels
  • Cotton Tassels
  • Cotton Pom Pom Tassel
  • Tassels For Book Marking
  • Beaded Fringe Tassels
  • Woollen Tassels
  • Colourful Tassels
  • Fringes, Etc.