If you are a designer, blogger, celebrity and wishing to start your own line with your our label. We can help you creating your collection as per your given ideas and sketches. Purnima Exports has worked with different clients, each with different needs. Our strategic location in India gives us advantage of supplying you high quality clothing.

Why Choose Purnima Exports for your Manufacturing Needs ?

  • We have our own designing team which includes pattern cutters, Designers, skilled workforce.
  • We keep ourself updated with latest high fashion embroideries, latest fashion trends so that these can be implemented on design with lightning speed.
  • Source direct ( No Middle Men) – Sourcing direct helps you to avoid middle men and low cost production is possible.
  • Quality control – We always keep check on quality of fabrics, embroideries and measuring sizes of each garments before being shipped.
  • Make use of our manufacturing facilities with your own design ideas.
  • Help with Printing of Labels, Hand Tags, Instruction Labels, Size label & More. ( all you need is provide the artwork)
  • Packing as per customer requirements.


How does Private Label Clothing Manufacturing Work ?

  1. You need to send us spec sheet or details of project like a sketch, Inspired Design you like to use with a dress, Sizes, Fabrics you like to use or have in mind.
  2. We will either provide you estimated cost of sample. Once you agree with part payment we go in for sampling.
  3. Pattern cutting – This is the first stage we follow. We develop pattern and grading based on the specification, sample image / tech pack of styles we receive from client. During patterning, apart from paper pattern we also develop fit sample in rough fabric at times to ensure whether the given specification is technically correct or not.
  4. Sourcing of Fabrics, Accessories, trims, etc.
  5. Sample Development – If a customer has his own sample we follow the same or we follow as per instructions in the tech pac. Once the sample is complete it is sent to customer for approval as we cannot start production before taking approval from customer.
  6. Bulk production – Once the sample is approved we will use the same sample as guide to our whole production. We take care of finishing, packing & Quality check performed at each stage.
  7. Labels & Hand Tags Development if client wants.
  8. We take care of Timely Delivery of Goods.