Women Evening Wear

Evening Dresses Manufacturer & Suppliers

Evening Dresses Manufacturer & Suppliers

Purnima Exports is manufacturer and supplier of Women Evening Wear from India. We have been producing high fashion garments for some top brands. Evening wear business is a occasion driven business and customer are expecting high quality products. We are producing high quality beaded evening gowns, sequin dresses, tops, blouses, Skirts, Robes & Kaftan. These hand crafted garments need extra careful handling an know how.

Some things we do so you get the right quality products :

  • all panels are individually checked against the pattern.
  • All garments individually cut and recutting done.
  • All garment dummy checked twice
  • Repairing of small bead, sequin by expert staff and checked thrice over by experienced checkers.
  • All garments are steamed before packing.

Every piece goes through 5 different hands before being packed.