Sourcing Ethically From India

Purnima Exports is Manufacturer and Exporter of Women Apparel from India. All our garments are ethically manufactured. For us, we use the term “ethical” in a very literal sense. A big part of ethical manufacturing for us is about doing good business. And the central tenant of doing good business, for us, is about relationship building. We have good and trust worthy realtions with all our factory workers, Fabric and Accessories suppliers, Fair Trade Workers, Etc. This leads us to create an excellent product for our clients.

Where the Magic Happens

The time we spend at our factory is about much more than just business. It’s about building friendships and sharing cultural exchange. We spend time with our production managers, our pattern makers, our Tailors, Hand Embroiders and talking to them regarding there personal life. Help them solve issues and problem they face during production. We have small inhouse parties followed by distribution of gifts on major festival such as Diwali and Holi. For us, this is a big part of what makes our process “ethical”.


Some Things we Don’t Do

  • We don’t Employ Cheap Labour or Child Labourer – All our employees are paid as per prevailing industry wages. So they can support their families with addition to other perks.
  • No Forced Over Time.
  • No Discrimination – All workers treated equally

We Work with International NGO’s to impart training to upcoming talent in Industry.

Working With Us

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