Peace Silk is also known as Ahimsa Silk meaning silk  is processed from cocoons without killing the pupae inside. It’s also sometimes refereed to as Cruelty free premium clothing.

How Ahimsa Silk is Produced in India ?

Ahimsa silk is made by allowing silk worm to live. Once they form a cocoons they are left for some days. Then they hach out as moth, leaving holes in their cocoon. Cocoons are taken and then prepared into silk, which involves unravelling the silk fibres, spinning them and weaving.  Production of Ahimsa Silk is more labour intensive hence the price tends to be higher. The silk gives a softer feel but you may find some noticeable bumps due to the fact that the hole in the cocoon had resulted in having several shorter silk fibres rather than much longer ones.

This silk is primarily manufactured in South of India and is popular with people who are against killing of Animal and who like silk. There is no cruelty associated with it, i.e Putting thousands of live cocoons into boiling water just to take out a gram of silk.

What we Do?

  • CMT Services

Most of our customer includes designers who want to produce there designs using peace silk. We do production for them. We have inhouse facilities of Production, Sampling, Finishing, etc. We provide you with high quality stitching. Minimum MOQs.

  • Private Label Manufacturing
  • Sourcing Fabrics
  • Haute Couture Embroidery Services

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