Our Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing facility in India has well experienced staff on board, the manufacturing services are designed to customer requirements and are manufactured to elegance, enabling clients to receive goods the way they should be


We do make sure that all the sources of materials that we receive are the sources that we can trust and have high quality of the fabric with various types and wide range and also qualified material in India and sometimes we ship qualified material with unique style abroad upon the request of the clients to match with the design and the right quality. Besides, printing your own fabric is also possible and it would add a unique touch to your designs.


We don’t take any design for granted. From concept to actualisation, we work closely with our clients to create a clothing range that truly reflects the brand philosophy, more importantly, a sell-able clothing range that is competitive in terms of design and price.

Purnima Exports has its own Designing Department and Development Teams who are responsible for clothing and apparel samples making such as prototypes, duplicates, and pilot lots. Our clothing and apparel sample makers work closely with our pattern makers to create the garment samples you require. We can generate samples from a conceptual idea or from your existing specifications or hard copy pattern.

Having a department that can provide various clothing and apparel samples is invaluable when it comes to breaking down and pricing new garments. Different seam allowances and shrinkage are taken into account to accommodate for different fabrics and trims. These clothing and apparel samples provide subjective and objective fit information to technical design. Weekly fit meetings are conducted to evaluate against the specs needed by the sewing room in order to adhere to customer guidelines.


With our New Delhi, India head office structure connected to the production department, the Quality Control, Merchandising and Inspection teams keep a close eye on production, ensuring that all of the client’s requirements are met. Our short lead times with established manufacturing force contribute to the level of service that allows our client’s to concentrate on other aspects of their business.


Another important part of the production which is Sample Prototype Developing which requires the perfection of the design, shape and fit before starting any production. The sample needs to be checked as much as possible in order to get the best result of the sample for start doing the production line.

Our team with designers, pattern makers, and the other departments together with the client, we would keep checking and developing samples to satisfy the client. After everything is perfectly done with the sample and prototype, then we will take it to the next step which is to production. The approved sample will become the reference for design, fit, and finishing for mass production.