Purnima Exports is Manufacturer & Supplier of Customized clothes for Women. We have experienced masters, tailors, hand embroidery and machine embroiders. We have installed all imported stitching and finishing machines.

  1. Minimum MOQs – 15 Dresses per style( Embroidered)
    50 Dresses or garments with no embroideryOEM-dress-customized-clothes-india-supplier
  2. Color, Material, size : As per your description
  3. Sample Lead Time : 10 to  25 Days
  4. Custom Hand Tags & Labels – You can provide the artwork of label & Tags, we will provide you with costing after confirming from our company printer.
  5. Sample Policy – There can be 2 situation we can work.
    a)  You send us your designs, tec pack, material requirement and we provide you with sample price. It will include charges for paper pattern, Workmanship and Material. ( If fabric used is regular fabric we will buy and make the sample for sending to you).
    b) You send us your own pattern, Fabric swatch, a sample you have already made for quality of stitching and make. We will provide you estimated cost.
  6. Whatever the production cost we will quote you we add 50% to it for sampling. As it takes lot of time gathering all items in Sampling.

Free of charge of sewing the label and putting the tag to the garment

After finish the first sample, we would send you to confirm if there is anything that needs to be amended

Before bulk order, we will send you a Pre-production sample (the second sample) to confirm. (If your order is more than 100 piece a style, there will not be any charge)
If your order is less than 100 piece, we will need to charge the fee of the second sample before production, if your amendment is big, we will suggest you to make the second sample.(the charge will be less than first time)
If there is no amendment of the first sample, we can produce the bulk order as the first sample and no second sample(the order less than 100 piece a style)

If your quantity is small, your amendment is small, and you do not want to pay the charge of the second sample, we can amend it in the bulk order.

We are experienced in making women apparel & Young Girl Dresses, we have confidence we can help you to manufacture your own customized/OEM clothes.We have many overseas customers!

Let us know how we can help you out.

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