Purnima Exports is Manufacturer and Exporter of Women Apparel and Young Girl Clothing. India has very rich handloom fabrics known for luxury and appeal. We use some of the most popular fabrics such as handloom khadi, cotton and linen.

We travel often in search of weavers and the looms that enable them to craft their magic with traditional processes meticulously passed down from generation to generation.  Our craftsmanship is painstaking with every cut and stitch in its rightful place. And just as the rich and traditional fabrics of India are at the heart of our creations, the values of simplicity, affordability and sustenance symbolize our soul. We believe luxury can be simple. We believe that it can be affordable. And we believe in handcrafted.

If you are a designer or Startup and looking to start a line with indian handloom fabric. We encourage you to get in touch with us. We have very good sourcing capabilities to source a rightful fabric for your upcoming collection.