CSR & Certification

Purnima Exports is an Indian company engaged in manufacture & exports of Women Garments and Accessories.  We are registered export house with Apparel Promotion in India and also have a licence to export the goods in other countries.

Safety & Quality

In India we have strict procedures regarding good environmental practices, No child Labour, Good working conditions for employees, safety, etc. The authorities give licences only after inspecting the premise. We come under Small medium Enterprise and we are a family run business. Hence, we have 12 full time employees.

Our team includes Fashion Designer, Pattern cutters, plotters, embroiders, Khaka Master, Stitching Tailors, merchandiser.

Regarding Fabrics & Dyeing Practise: – The fabrics are not produced in-house they are sourced from companies which use environment friendly textile dyes and azo free colours which do not bleed. These do not pollute nature and not harmful for skin. We follow all International Quality standards which are respectable.

We Support  organisation such as Blind Relief Association and Charitable organisations looking after Abandoned Girl child in villages responsible for giving Vocational training and Education.

Embroideries – We use local talent who are good in different kind of hand embroidery such as beading, sequin work, ari , Zari Work.

No Child Labour & Good Working Condition – We do not employ child labour and all our employees are given fair wages.  We have good lightning and Ventilation in our premises.

For Safety we have installed Fire Safety systems and there is second exit in emergency.

From Inception our company is responsible about quality, Environment, employees, Good Working Conditions and Strict No child Labour Policy.

We believe in Philosophy that we have to Take Care of Nature and not pollute with harmful chemicals by keeping our environment Green and Clean.